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Obelux Visibility sensor

Adjust intensity according to meteorological visibility
Produktnummer: OVS

Obelux aviation obstruction lights can be controlled by visibility sensors. Visibility sensor based technology provides a great opportunity to decrease the luminous intensity of aviation lights. The intensity is decreased in relation to the meteorological visibility. Obelux can provide the complete solution, including aviation obstruction lights and visibility sensor.

Key features

  • Accurate and traceable measurement of prevailing visibility
  • Seamless operation with Obelux aviation light system
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to install
Optical characteristics
Visibility sensors, control devices and aviation lights
Specifications met
Visibility sensor is an external device that is installed according to the regulations and manufacturer’s guidance to provide representative data (sample) for the visibility expressed in numeric value. Obelux measurement principle of the visibility sensor is forward scatter measurement. The transmitter unit sends a light pulse which is then backscattered into the receiver to measure meteorological visibility. The sample volume is therefore in the space between the transmitter and receiver.
Datasheet No datasheet available