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Obelux Over Voltage Protection

Over voltage protection for Obelux light heads
Produktnummer: OVP-ACW

OVP is used for over voltage protection for Obelux light heads. Surge protection is based on the Raycap Strikesorb 30-B-M.

Key features

  • Over voltage protection for Obelux light heads
  • Protection component:
  • Raycap Strikesorb 30-B-M
  • Two output version can be used to distribute 230VAC power and fault relay for two light heads
  • Long maintenance-free lifetime
Mechanical characteristics
Shock-resistant polycarbonate enclosure (IP65)
Enclosure dimensions (WxHxD): 300 mm x 200 mm x 132 mm
Weight < 3,2 kg
Cable glands: 4 x M25 (9-17 mm cable diameter), 3 x M20 (8-14 mm cable diameter)
Electrical characteristics
Operating voltage 100-240VAC
Surge protection component: Raycap Strikesorb 30-B-M
Operating temperature range -40 °C ...+55 °C