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Obelux Low-Intensity 10cd and 32cd obstruction lights

ICAO, kan seriekobles, blinkfunksjon mulig med kontroller, horisontal 360°
Produktnummer: LI-10 and LI-32

Obelux low-intensity light is designed for marking tall structures such as wind turbines, chimneys, masts, cranes, airports, and towers. Obelux low-intensity lights have extremely low power consumption and long maintenance-free operating time. The light can be daisy-chained by using two cable glands located on the bottom.

Key features

  • Based on LED-technology
  • Low-intensity RED fixed light (flashing with external controller)
  • Two cable glands - easy to chain without external junction boxes
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Provides long maintenance-free operating time
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in Finland
Optical characteristics
10cd fixed or 32cd fixed
Flashing operation available with external controller
Colour Red
Horizontal beam 360°
Vertical beam >10°
Specifications met
ICAO International Standards and Recommended Practices: Aerodromes Annex 14 Volume 1, 7th Edition, July 2016, Chapter 6: Low-intensity Type A/B/E
FAA Advisory Circular (9/28/2016), AC 150/5345-43H: L-810 / L-810 (F)
Einordnung als Hindernisfeuer ES gemäß, Allgemeine Verwaltungsvorschrift zur, Kennzeichnung von Luftfahrthndernissen, vom 26.08.2015