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Obelux LIT Low-Intensity Tower Light Series 10-50cd obstruction lights

ICAO, hinderlys for blant annet vindmøller, også passende for Offshore-bruk
Produktnummer: LIT

The LIT series is Obelux’s unique design to mark intermediary levels on wind turbines. The light is installed from inside the tower through extremely small holes. All maintenance and replacement work can be done from inside the tower which allows savings in case of maintenance or repair is needed.

Key features

  • Suitable for Offshore environment
  • “Through-the-wall” tower marking solution; i.e. pin light
  • Supports both stand-alone and RS-485 Modbus operations
  • Built-in photocell
  • Can also be controlled with voltage signals
  • 5-year warranty, option for 10-year warranty, the longest in the industry
  • Made in Finland
Optical characteristics
10 cd Type A
32 cd Type B fixed
32 cd Type E flashing
50 cd for the Netherlands
Colour aviation RED
NVG compliant infrared (850nm)
Specifications met
ICAO International Standards and Recommended Practices: Aerodromes Annex 14 Volume 1, 8th Edition, July 2018, Chapter 6: Low-intensity Type A/B/E. Chapter 6.2.4 Wind turbines
FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5345-43J: Specification for Obstruction Lighting Equipment, 3/11/2019 FAA L-810, L-810(F)
Einordnung als Hindernisfeuer Erweiterte Spezifikation gemäß Allgemeine Verwaltungsvorschrift zur Kennzeichnung von Luftfahrthndernissen vom 26.08.2015 (GERMANY)
Luftfartstilsynet FOR-2014-07-15-980 (NORWAY)