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Obelux High-Intensity, 100000cd, type B, stand-alone/ModBUS obstruction lights

ICAO, hvitt blinkende lys, GPS og infrarød NVG, horisontal 360°
Produktnummer: H100IR

Obelux high-intensity omni-directional obstruction light is designed to mark tall structures such as wind turbines, towers, and masts. Obelux high-intensity 100 000cd stand-alone unit has an integrated Day/Night switch, flasher, and infra-red. Additional options such as GPS synch.and ModBUS communication are available.

Key features

  • Based on LED technology
  • 100 000cd WHITE flashing light
  • Photocell and fault monitoring
  • GPS synchronization available
  • NVG compliant infrared 850nm light
  • Both stand-alone and ModBUS operations available
  • Made in Finland
Optical characteristics
100 000cd Flashing @ Day
20 000cd Flashing @ Twilight
2 000cd Flashing @ Night
Infrared 850nm
Colour White
Horizontal radiation pattern 360°
Vertical beam 3°
Specifications met
ICAO International Standards and Recommended Practices: Aerodromes Annex 14 Volume 1, 7th Edition, July 2016, Chapter 6: High-intensity Type B
Luftfartstilsynet FOR-2014-07-15-980