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Obelux Heliport Beacon, Stand-alone

ICAO, infrarød NVG, fotocelle, hvitt lys
Produktnummer: OBX-HB-ACW-xxx

Heliport beacon provides a long range visual guidance and identification of the heliport. The heliport beacon is located on or adjacent to the heliport preferably at an elevated position and so that it does not dazzle a pilot at short range.

Key features

  • Based on LED technology
  • Doesn’t require any additional controllers
  • Incorporated photocell for automatic intensity adjustment
  • Several intensity adjustment levels available
  • Infrared (850nm) incorporated for NVG compatibility
  • Aluminium body and glass cover
  • Height only 408 mm, and weight 14 kg
  • Operating voltage 100-240VAC
  • 5 year warranty- the longest in the industry
  • Made in Finland
Optical characteristics
Colour White
Flash Characteristics 0.8 sec – 1.2 sec – 0.8 sec, flash duration 0.5 -2.0 milliseconds
Horizontal beam 360°
Vertical beam
Vertical angle 0…1.5° - Min. Intensity 1,700 cd (effective)
Vertical angle 1.5…2.5° - Min. Intensity 2,500 cd (effective)
Vertical angle 2.5…4° - Min. Intensity 1,700 cd (effective)
Vertical angle 4…7° - Min. Intensity 750 cd (effective)
Vertical angle 7…10° - Min. Intensity 250 cd (effective)
Specifications met
ICAO Annex 14, 2013 4th Edition, Heliport Beacon