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Obelux Aerodrome Beacon, 50000cd

ICAO, infrarød NVG, trenger ikke tilleggskontroller, hvitt lys
Produktnummer: AB50000

An aerodrome beacon is intended for use at night if one or more of the following conditions exist: a) aircraft navigate predominantly by visual means; b) reduced visibility are frequent; or c) it is difficult to locate the aerodrome from the air due to surrounding lights or terrain. The aerodrome beacon is located on or adjacent to the aerodrome in an area of low ambient background lighting.

Key features

  • Based on LED technology
  • Doesn’t require any additional controllers
  • Infrared (850nm) incorporated for NVG compatibility
  • Power consumption less than 250W
  • Aluminium body and glass cover
  • 5 year warranty- the longest in the industry
  • Made in Finland
Optical characteristics
Flash Sequence 12-30FPM
Color White
Pulse length less than 500ms
Horizontal beam 360°
Vertical beam 1° - 2°: 25,000cd
Vertical beam 2° - 8°: 50,000cd
Vertical beam 8° - 10°: 25,000cd
Vertical beam 10° - 15°: 5,000cd
Vertical beam 15° - 20°: 1,000cd
Specifications met
ICAO Annex 14, 2013, 6th Edition, 5.3.3 Aeronautical Beacon, Aerodrome Beacon