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MCT Brattberg – Product Catalog

Putting Safety First, all applications
142 page catalog covering applications at sea, pressure, on land, on train, EMC and ATEXIECEx.

Please download the catalog here.

Catalog contents

At Sea
– Maritime and offshore. Cable and pipe transits are primarily used for applications in hazardous maritime and offshore environments.

Under Pressure – Custom designed pressure sealings up to 100 bar water pressure.

On Land – Transits for high risk land-based applications protecting people, environment and vital industries.

On Train – Putting safety on rolling stock.

E-Series – The E-series has built-in protection against EMI, EMP and ESD. Protection against lightning strikes, grounding and bonding of communication, instruments, power, braid, wire armored (AC and TECK 90) cables and copper pipes.

ATEX and IECEx – Atex concerns all products to be used in places where explosive atmospheres may arise.

Installation Guide & Welding and Built-in Instruction