Plymouth Rubber PIB Medium Voltage Tape < 46 kV

Polyisobutylene. Meget lett å jobbe med, for isolasjon og ytterkapper.
Produktnummer: 1801092

A self-amalgamating, polyisobutylene-based medium voltage tape that maintains a tight insulation build-up for void-free electrical stability and permanent resistance to moisture penetration. For insulating and jacketing of splices on power cables from 600 volts through 46kV. Plymouth's PIB has excellent stretch capabilities that allow fast taping speeds and is compatible with all extruded dielectrical cable insulations.

Temperaturgrense: -40° til 90°C
Materiale: Polyisobutylene
Tykkelse: 0,5 mm
Maks forlengelse: 1000%
El.nr 1801092, bredde 19 mm, lengde 10 m, sort, pakning a 100 stk
El.nr 1801093, bredde 25 mm, lengde 10 m, sort, pakning a 80 stk
El.nr 1801094, bredde 38 mm, lengde 10 m, sort, pakning a 50 stk
El.nr 1801095, bredde 51 mm, lengde 10 m, sort, pakning a 40 stk