Plymouth Rubber 122 Rubber Tape Splicing Compound

Selv-vulkaniserende lavspenttape for skjøting av kabler opp til 600V. Dekkes med PVC-tape.
Produktnummer: 1801135

122 Rubber Tape is an 0,76 mm self-amalgamating, low voltage rubber tape which is UL approved for use as primary insulation at not more than 600 volts. It easily conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces yielding a void free electrically stable build-up. 122 Rubber tape is compatible with all extruded dielectric cable insulations.

Temperaturgrense: 90°C
Materiale: Gummi
Tykkelse: 0,76 mm
Maks forlengelse: 300%
Gj.slagsfasthet: 13,7kV/mm
El.nr 1801135, bredde 19 mm, lengde 6,7 m, sort, pakning a 100 stk
El.nr 1801136, bredde 51 mm, lengde 6,7 m, sort, pakning a 40 stk
El.nr 1801137, bredde 19 mm, lengde 3,3 m, sort, pakning a 200 stk