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Pharos Marine FA-165EX Zone 1 Helideck Perimeter Light

LED based Low Intensity Helideck Perimeter Light designed for extreme environments
Produktnummer: FA-165EX

The FA-165EX is a LED based Low Intensity Helideck Perimeter Light designed for extreme environments such as high UV, corrosive gasses and marine conditions encountered on offshore oil and gas production facilities, drilling rigs, support vessels and refineries.

Designed to be placed in remote locations, the lantern incorporates very long lived LED’s to minimize scheduled maintenance. The FA- 165EX LED’s are mounted on metal core PCBs with patented integrated heat pipes to cool the LED array without a cooling fan. This highly efficient, passive, cooling system gives the LED array the highest design life in the marketplace (greater than 60,000 hours).

The materials of the FA-165EX housing are selected to match the life of the LED’s contained inside. No plastic is used in the housing of the unit. The cover is tempered toughed glass able to withstand high temperature and impact and the base is impregnated, anodized, painted cast marine grade aluminum and S.S. hardware.

The FA-165EX has several options for electronic controllers: a 90-264 VAC 50-60 Hz internal controller, a 20-30 VDC internal controller or an external AC or DC controller, which can be remotely located up to 800 meters away.

No moving parts.
Height: 150 mm, Weight: 5 kg
Materials: Epoxy coated cast marine grade aluminum base. Toughened glass.
Mounting: Four 7 mm diameter holes, 90 degrees apart. 229 mm (9”) x 191 mm (7 17/32”).
Ingress Protection: IP-66<BR><BR>
FA-165EX 01GP: 5 Watt Green LED Perimeter light conforming to CAP 437.
FA-165EX 01YP: 5 Watt 25 candela Yellow LED Perimeter light.
FA-165EX 01BP: 5 Watt 25 candela Blue LED Perimeter light.
FA-165EX 01TP: Tricolor Perimeter Light. 5 Watt Green/Yellow/Blue LED array.
Selectable color Perimeter Light allowing drilling rigs, service vessels etc. to display a CAP 437 Green perimeter light or 25 Candela Yellow/Blue perimeter lights from the same fixture.