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IBAKmarine X580 Ice Searchlight

Produktnummer: X580

System Technical Data
Material: Stainless steel and seawater resistant aluminium with structure coating in white
Type of enclosure: IP56
Front glass: Hard glass unaffected by temperature changes
Reflector: X580: Parabolic aluminium reflector 360 mm X580R: Rhodium reflector 356 mm
Voltage: 400V, 50 or 60Hz via VGX2000
Features: Electric focussing device, ignition unit integrated in searchlight head anti-condense heater

Type description
Type A with deck footing
Type B with pedestal
Type C with cabin control, deck mounting
Type D with cabin control, pedestal mounting
Type F with electric remote-controlled pan and tilt gear SN3.4 and control unit STG1FOC for flush mounting optionally: additional control unit(s) available