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Emerson Appleton™ Mercmaster™ LED Series Zone 2 Area Luminaires

2300 - 12850 lumens, 60000 hours+ life
Certification Type 2, 22.
Produktnummer: MLEDN

Mercmaster™ LED Luminaires deliver exceptional efficiency, performance and advanced engineering. Designed to utilize as little as 32 Watts of power, it lowers energy consumption while providing 60,000+ hours of running lamp life. It sets the bar even higher for the lighting industry in terms of shock resistance, cold start capabilities, minimal heat production which improves service life, and overall safety. This fixture offers a flexible, modular design that allows for retrofits and plant expansions to meet unique installation requirements. Certified for Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2 locations, it provides global lighting solutions for a wide range of industrial and hazardous applications.


  • Typical applications include pulp and paper mills, processing plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, foundries, manufacturing plants, storage areas, waste and sewage treatment, parking garages, and other areas where dust, water, dirt and rough usage areas
  • Compact light weight low profile design is suited for low mounting heights
  • Modular design allows scores of fixture component combinations to meet installation needs. Uses the same mounting hoods as the Mercmaster III HIDs
  • Accommodates a wide range of voltages
  • Hinge has high lip for added safety during installation and servicing. Hinge and bolt construction assures 360° compression at all points on ballast housing gasket for positive sealing. Swing away design of captive bolt and nut simplifies servicing
  • All Mercmaster mounting hoods have provision for easy field installation of fuses in fixtures (refer to the catalog pages under the """"Fixture Unit — Electrical Specification"""" section)
  • NPT and metric threads standard
  • NEMA Type V light distribution is standard. (Type V distribution is required is areas where sufficient, evenly distributed light is necessary. It produces a circular distribution that has the same intensity at all angles)
  • NEMA Type I light distribution is available as an option for select NEC/CEC certified fixtures. (Type I distribution is the perfect lighting for walkways, catwalks or anyplace where a narrow beam of light is required)
  • For ATEX/IECEx rated fixtures, ballast bodies and mounting hoods must be purchased separately

Model overview

Model number Nom. lumens Equi. HPS/PSMH watt Efficacy (lpw) Average input power (W) 
MLEDN70 2300 70 66 34
MLEDN10 3450 100 71 44
MLEDN15 4850 150 80 62
MLEDN17 6075 175 82 80
MLEDN25 9455 250 93 93
MLEDN35 11425 350 112 102
MLEDN40 12850 400 101 127
Product data
ATEX/IECEx Certifications and Compliances Zone 2 and 22; Ex II 2 GD; IP66/67
Electrical 120-277 Vac, 50/60 Hz; 347-480 Vac, 50/60 Hz, Volts +/- 10%
Standard materials Mounting hoods and bodies: cast copperfree (4/10 of 1% max.) aluminum
All hardware and catch assemblies: stainless steel
Globe: polycarbonate
Standard Finishes Mounting hoods, bodies and guards: baked gray epoxy-clad finish, electrostatically applied for complete uniform protection
Fixture weight 8.8 kg