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ELKO transformator RS16/TR230/24VAC small magnetic trafo for flushmounted installation

For markets outside Norway only.
Produktnummer: 4033

ELKO transformator RS16/TR230/24VAC is a small magnetic trafo for flushmounted installation. Suitable for smaller alarmsystems, ELKO Doorbell or ELKO Plus backframes with light. Up to 10 lightframes can be connected to the trafo. The product is intended for flush mounting in wall box, but may be installed in 33mm surfacehousings.

El.no 6630073
Trafo RS16/TR230/24VAC
Primary voltage : 230V AC
Secondary voltage : 24V AC
Secondary load : 200mA
Primary fuse : 50mA melting fuse
Secondary voltage : PolySwitch 250mA with auto reset after the error is
located and the voltage is turned off/on.
Degree of protection : IP20
Mounting: Flush mounted wallbox or 33mm surface housing