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ELKO Surface mounted rocker switch 2 pole RS16 design

For markets outside Norway only.
Produktnummer: 5867

Surface mounted rocker switch 2 pole RS16 design. The switchbases are equipped with screw terminals, thermoplastic rocker and cover-plate. Wiring diagram printed on the rear side. Push-button function is possible by use of a spring (T 47) under the rocker. Pilot-lamp (S 740) for light use is possible by replacing rocker by "windowrocker"(L 608). Thermoplastic in the rocker and coverplate. Marking "B" is the dead end loop terminal.

El.no 1411884
Surface mounted Rocker switch 2 pole.
Screw terminals.
Flush wiring, thermoplastic rocker.
16A / 250VAC
IP 20.
Color: Polarwhite
C-C distance: 38 mm
Conduit connection length: 8mm
Amount of conduits pr terminal: 2
Maximum torque: 0,8Nm (According to IEC 62196-1)
Maximum cross section: 4mm²