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ELKO Single multibox, frontmounted

For markets outside Norway only.
Produktnummer: 5421

Single multibox, frontmounted. For use in prefabricated walls or hollow walls where installation work can be conducted from the outside of the wall and when you need an extra flush wall box. Requires a minimum panel-thickness of 6 mm.The Multi PFXP-box has none fixed entries. Suitable for pipeless installation-technique. A special milling-cutter for drilling hole for the Multibox in a panel, diam. 74 mm (not suitable for Steel panels) can be ordered. A special effective plier to dismantle the cable inside the box, called Multiplier can also be ordered.

El.no 1223740
Depth: 55m
Screwdistance: 60mm
Cuttingsize: 74mm