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ELKO S 45/100 6 conduit entries, flushmount wallbox

For markets outside Norway only.
Produktnummer: 5227

Flushmounted wallbox without bracket. The box has 6 conduit entries: 6x16 mm Ø, locking springs, sealing plugs and plastic lid is included. Possible to enter 20 mm Ø conduit by use of a 20 mm sleeve on the outside of the entries. The ready fixed box leaves a distance of 12 mm for wallplates. Different extension rings to "build-up" any difference between plate and box are available. Screw distance in-side the box: 60 mm cc.

El.no 1223753
Flush mounted wallbox with bracket.
Depth: 45mm
Standard: CEE Publ. 7, XIII.
Maximum temperature during casting prosess: 90°C
Minimum installation temperature: -25°C
Cuttersize: 73mm