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ELKO RS16/1-10V LRE PH dimmer

For markets outside Norway only.
Produktnummer: 3970

1-10Vdimmer for lightarmatures equipped with 1-10V signal input. On/Off by pushing the button, dim by turning knob. The dimming range is 1-100%. The maximum- and minimumlevel must be adjusted when all units and lamps are connected.

The dimmer has a an galvanic separated internal switch, wich cuts off the voltage in the lamp. Optional to connect the arrow terminals, but the lamp will then not be voltage free when the dimmer is off. Max load over the switch is 6A ohmic and 2A flourecent lights.

The dimmer can be surface mounted in a combination with a surface box 33mm deep. If the dimmer is installed in a combination frame with several holes, the supplied frame must be removed.

El.no 1471455
Dimmertype: Mechanic Transistor dimmer
Voltage: 230 V/50 Hz.
Max Load switch: 6A ohmic load.
Max Load switch: 2A inductive or capasitive load.
Max Load 1-10V: 200mA
Fuse: 6,3A.
Surface mounted box: 33mm
-On/off: Push.
-Dim 1-10V: Turn knob
-Dimming area: 1-100%
Color: Polarwhite
Depth in box: 29mm