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ELKO IP55 surface mounted switch, two way two gang (6.2)

For markets outside Norway only.
Produktnummer: 4295

IP55 surface mounted switch. The switch-house is made of thermosetting plastic, except the rocker of thermoplastic. Classification: IP 55. Connecting piece L 469 makes it possible to connect and combine two or more switches or socket-outlets. One extra fixed earth-terminal inside the bottom of the housing. Knock-out holes in the corner for the condensation-water is at disposal.

El.no 1427210
Two way two gang (6.2)
Surface mounted
Color: Polarwhite.
16A / 250 V.
Degree of protection: IP55.
Temperature: -30 - +35.
Standard IEC 669-1.
Conduit connection length: 8mm
Amount of conduits pr terminal: 2
Maximum torque: 0,8Nm (According to IEC 62196-1)
Maximum cross section: 4mm²