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ELKO Flush mounted rocker switch 1 pole RS16 design

For markets outside Norway only.
Produktnummer: 3366

Flush mounted rocker switch 1 pole RS16 design. The switchbases have screw terminals, wiring diagram printed on the rear side. Push-button function is possible by use of a spring (T 47) under the rocker. Pilot-lamp (S 740) for light use is possible by replacing rocker by "windowrocker"(L 608). Thermoplastic in the rocker and coverplate.

El.no 1410221
Flush mounted Rocker switch 1 pole.
Screw terminals.
Flush wiring, thermoplastic rocker.
16A / 250VAC
IP 20.
Color: Polarwhite
C-C distance: 60 mm
Conduit connection length: 8mm
Amount of conduits pr terminal: 2
Maximum torque: 0,8Nm (According to IEC 62196-1)
Maximum cross section: 4mm²
Depth: 11,5mm.