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ELKO Double surface mounted socket outlets with earth (schuko)

For markets outside Norway only.
Produktnummer: 6240

Double surface mounted socket outlets with earth (schuko).With shutter. Screw socket base. Cover cap made of thermoplastic. Separate spare cover caps are kept in stock. Roomy space for cables in the house. Fixing screw-holes in the backplate for the surface mounting. The socket base is snapped on to the backplate.

El.no 1511733
Voltage: 16A / 250VAC.
Surface, double
Screw terminals.
With earth.
With shutter.
Color: Polarwhite.
Thermoplastic coverplate
Conduit connection length: 12mm
Amount of conduits pr terminal: 2
Maximum torque: 1,2Nm (According to IEC 62196-1)
Maximum cross section: 2,5mm²