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ELKO 45/6 Double flush wall-box with 2x16 mm Ø conduit entries

For markets outside Norway only.
Produktnummer: 5231

Double flush wall-box with 2 x 16 mm Ø conduit entries, locking springs and sealing plugs with plastic lid included. Also included: dividing piece for "low" and "high" voltage sections. 4 height adjusting screws are mounted in each corner of the long side of the box. The connecting pieces and tubeconnector L 601 can be fixed at either end or on the long side. Two or more boxes can be interconnected by use of connecting pieces: L 595 (cc 71 mm: under one combination-plate) and L 596 (cc 84 mm: where two combination plates meet). ELKO tripple outlets might be mounted in ELKO double boxes.The box is supplied in two depths: 45 mm and 60 mm. Extra 6 mm high extension ring for the boxes is available. The double box is very suitable for telecommunication - and datainstallations.

El.no 1223755
45 mm depth.
Standard CEE publ. 7, XIII.
Maximum temperature during casting prosess: 90°C
Minimum installation temperature: -25°C
Cuttersize: 73 mm