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Dose Tucana 2 LED Floodlight, 18W

IP 67, 1900 lm, partial stainless steel
Produktnummer: Tucana 2
  • IP 67
  • Holding frame, connection box and bracket made of stainless steel
  • Output power: approx. 1.000 lm / LED module
  • Made in Germany

Each floodlight can be individually assembled with LED modules 45°x20° and 120°x120°:

  • 45° x 20° for spot lighting
  • 120° x 120° for area lighting

On request, we can adjust the floodlight to your needs and also offer other combinations and sizes.

Tucana 2 LED

  • 2 x High Power LED modules
  • Input voltage: 24V DC
  • Luminous flux: approx. 1.900 lm
  • Illumination level in 10m: approx. 2lx
  • Illumination level in 15m: approx. 1lx
  • Illumination area in 10m: ø 34,6m
  • Illumination area in 15m: ø 52m
  • Luminaire efficiency: 108 lumen / watt