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Dose BRL20 Ex-Battery room light 1x18W


The housing made of aluminum, powder-coated acc. RAL 9010. The light cover made of a temperature change-steady polycarbonate pipe. Ex-protection class: EEx ed IIC T4, PTB-No.: PTB 03 ATEX 2156.. The supply of the light takes place with pipe clamps and tossing handles. The light is amagnetic, shock (acc. BV043) and EMV examined. Electrical data: Voltage 250V, 0-60Hz, wattage: 1x18W, single socket flourescent lamp Fa6. 1 Cable entry with cable gland M18x1,5, brass, chromium-plates acc.VG 88773 and VG88812. Enviromental temperature 45°C.

BRL20 Ex-Battery room light 1x18W
BRL20Y Ex-Battery room light 1x18W (for loop-through wiring)

IP number IP56/68/69
Weight 3,600 - 3,700 Kg