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Dose 3310/3312 Explosion-proof lights up to 200W


Explosion-proof light up to 200W, without security switching arrangement. PTB-No. PTB 03 ATEX 1111,Ex-protection class: EEx de IIC T3 T4 Pressure resistant enclosure Red cast brass casing and glass ring Brass wire-guard With lampholder E 27 or B 22 Temperature class: hanging installation T4 - bulb up to 150W - metal alloy bulb up to 160W* - mercury vapour 80W* T3 - bulb up to 200W - mercury vapour 125W* - fluorescent bulb E 27 25W* T5 - DULUX EL 23 *Ignition and ballast unit required

3310 and 3312 link

IP number IP56
Weight 12,400 - 13,600 Kg