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Dialight DuroSite Bulkhead 24W Emergency, 207-264V, 50/60HZ

For industrial use

NOK 2 516,- (eks. mva.)

Før 5 294,-
Produktnummer: WE-2C4H-FLGC/3224635

The Dialight DuroSite Wallpack / Bulkhead luminaire features a low profile, rugged design and flexible mounting options to suit a variety of non-hazardous applications. Offered in 11 Watt, 22 Watt and 34 Watt versions, this product can be supplied with a flush mounting bracket, an angled bracket, or no bracket to enable direct mounting.

Certification UL 1598/A, CSA, CE
Tempered Glass (Clear, Frosted)
Beam distribution narrow, oval
Cool White 5650K; 75 CRI, Neutral White 4300K; 80 CRI
11W & 22W: 100-277 VAC or 24-48 VDC 34W: 100-277 VAC
600 - 2,250 lumens
Angle bracket, Flush bracket, Adjustable bracket, Stanchion
Grey (RAL 7040)
5 year warranty
Up to 66 lm/W
11W/22W: -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)