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Xeltek SuperPro IS01 In-System (ISP) Programmer

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Produktnummer: SuperPro IS01


  • Field proven industrial usage for volume in-system programming (ISP).
  • Ability to program concurrently (reduces programming time).
  • Fastest in-system programmer in the industry with a built-in ARM9 32Bit RISC MCU processor.
  • Programs devices with Vcc as low as 1.2V
  • CE and ROHS Compliant
High programming speed selectable: Adapt to cable length and load feature for target board.
Supports online (USB2.0 high-speed) and offline mode simultaneously.
Supports all common ISP protocol (i.e. I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MW, JTAG, CAN, RS232).
Contains Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) interface for automated operation.
Built-in overcurrent protection function.
Field proven for R&D, mass production and individual in-system programming projects.<br><br>
The programmer operates in either PC hosted mode or stand-alone mode.
Under PC hosted mode, a PC controls the programmer via a high-speed USB2.0 connection for device programming.
Under stand-alone mode, the user controls the programmer via a build-in LCD screen and keypad.
A SD card stores project files.
Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64 bit)<br><br>
Includes the following advanced and powerful software functions:
The Project function simplifies processes such as device selection, file loading, device configuration setting, program option, and batch file setting into one step.
Password protection provides security for project files and production volume control.
The Batch command combines device operations like program, verify, security into a single command at any sequence.
Serial number generators are available as standard or customer-specific functions.
A Log file provides quality tracking.
CE and RoHS Compliant<br><br>
<strong>Hardware & electrical Specifications</strong>
Supports all common ISP protocol (i.e. I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MW, JTAG, CAN, RS232). Contact Xeltek for more details
Provides VDD (0.5A) output line and VPP(0.2A)
Operating Temperature 10-50ºC
ESD protection - I/O level is adjusted via SuperProIS01 software (1.5V ~ 4V)
Online software operates the programmer and manages offline project via USB2.0
When operated offline, operations are shown through the built-in LCD screen, keypad and LED status indicator.
Project files could be stored using a removable SD card (Max. 4GB)
The ATE interface allows operating and controlling the programmer through external signals. There are six project selection lines (SEL0 - SEL5), two command input lines (START and STOP) and three status output lines (PASS, FAIL and BUSY). External signals are isolated from the system from optocouplers
12V DC / 2A system external power input