Xeltek SuperBot-3 Automated IC Programmer

32-Socket Automated IC Programmer
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Produktnummer: SuperBot-3

SuperBot-3 is an automatic IC programmer with high performance and reasonable price for large-scale electronic product manufacturing. This programmer can automatically pick up, place, program, take out and pack up chips. With fully automated operation setup capabilities, it can improve working efficiency and minimize human errors. Compared to the first generation model, SuperBot-1, its production capacity is increased by sixty times.


  • Eight built-in SuperPro 7500s for higher programming speed and throughput rate
  • Can program up to 32 chips simultaneously
  • Automated flash programmer
  • Suitable for high-density chips such as eMMC NAND /NOR FLASH and SPI FLASH with programming speed up to ten times faster than SuperBot-I
  • Supports nearly 90,000 IC devices from more than 300 manufactures. Device support is quick and will not be a bottleneck to the programming process
  • High throughput, up to 2400 UPH

Compact design, peripheral units include:

  1. Standard and auto tray for material delivery
  2. Braid packaging machine tape out
  3. Tube for material delivery
  4. Oil ink and laser marker
  5. Tape and Tube
  • Higher reliability, stability, and safety
  • CE and RoHS Compliant
Key points
The largest device support in the industry
Utilizes industrial personal computer (with control card inside).
Built-in servo and vision system mode to quickly and accurately locate and complete chip capture, placement, programming and packaging automatically.
Eight built-in internal SuperPro 7500 modules. Efficiency is much higher than parallel-production programmers because each module burns chips independently.
Modularizing system design capability.
Improved switching time.
High throughput (1600 devices per hour). 60x higher throughput rate than SuperBOT-I for eMMC, NAND/NOR Flash, and SPI Flash devices
Competitive quote.
Short change-over time. Automatic socket positioning and project loading with barcode scanning
Compact size
Remote control for project loading, quality monitoring, volume control, and file security
Supports standard Tray & Tape Reel and Tube input & output for IC packages. Four pick-and-place nozzles, eight socket-pressing actuators, and two tape feeders
Supports laser and ink marking
Throughput Up to 1600 UPH (units per hour) handler index time with zero programming time for SuperBOT-I.
Content High performance control card & servo drive system.
Resolution X axis: (+/-)0.02mm; Y axis:(+/-) 0.02mm; Z axis: (+/-)0.02mm; θaxis: ±0.1°
Max. stroke X axis: 1000 mm; Y axis: 500 mm; Z axis: 40mm.
Pick & Place header accuracy (+/-) 0.07mm.
Operable chip size: min: 2x2 mm; max: 25x25 mm
Vision System
Two CCD Cameras Upward CCD for IC positioning while the downward CCD for sockets / pick-and-place spot positioning
Camera 512x512 pixels
Field of view 30mm x 300mm
Vision accuracy △x=△y=0.07 mm, △θ=0.1°
I/O Devices
Manual Tray: Manually change one tray each time (Standard equipped with purchase)
Tape-out Device: Heat sealing and pressure sealing modes. Tape width adjustable between 8 and 32mm.
Tape-In Device: YAMAHA pneumatic feeder. Tape width between 8 and 32mm applicable.
Auto Tray Device: Moves blank tray in and passed tray out the machine automatically, marking the tray (optional). Stack up to 15 JEDEC trays.
Tube-In Device: Moves chips in the machine. Use chip guider for different chip width (optional).
Tube-Out Device: Moves chips out the machine.Use chip guider for different chip width (optional).
Tape Ink-Marker: An attachment to the tape-out device. Marks an ink dot on the chip.
Auto Tray Ink-Marker: An attachment to the auto tray device. Scan and put dots on the passed chips.
Laser-Marker: An optional attachment to the tape-out or the auto tray device. Marks up to 4 characters on the passed chips.
Assisted Control
Built-in Control : PC-based control with Windows XP.
Display: LCD monitor.
Data entry: Keyboard & mouse