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Xeltek SuperBot-2 Automated IC Programmer

Nortelco Electronics har fått ny webside og webshop

Nortelco Electronics AS ble Adeptor AS fra 1. januar 2022, men dine kontaktpersoner er de samme! Endringen gjelder områdene Elektronikk og Automasjon, og vi har fått ny webside:

16-Socket Automated IC Programmer
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Produktnummer: SuperBot-2


  • High throughput, up to 1200 UPH
  • Four built-in SuperPro 7500 programmers, each with up to 4- gang sockets (16 sockets total). Throughput rate is 30 times faster than SuperBot-1 for eMMC devices.
  • Supports tray, tape and tube input and output
  • Supports laser and ink marking
  • Short change-over time
  • Intelligent software cuts learning curve and setup time while simplifying task management
  • Compact chassis design
  • CE and RoHS Compliant
Key features
High throughput:High performance servo system, up to 1200 UPH for devices with programming time less than 36 sec. Throughput 0.6 to 30 times higher than SuperBot-1, especially higher for large capacity devices like eMMC, NAND /NOR FLASH,SPI FLASH. Suitable for both small and large capacity devices.
Accurate positioning:Equipped with high performance servo system, precise CCD cameras for sockets / pick & place spots positioning
High performance programmers:4 ultra-high speed universal gang programmers - SuperPro 7500. Each with up to 4 sockets, with a total of up to 16 sockets in the system
Varied I/O devices:Supports tray, tape, tube input and output, laser and ink marking, and packing conversion. Can perform as a packing conversion machine alone
Short change-over time:I/O devices and socket adaptor are easily interchangeable. Socket positioning can be performed automatically. Projects can be loaded automatically with barcode scanning
Powerful and intelligent software:Setup data saved for next operation, log file and statistic reports available for quality assurance and traceability purposes, flexible sockets (with socket checking technology) convenient for unattended operation, graphical user interface cuts learning curve
Remote Control:Remote project loading, quality monitoring, volume control, file security
Built-in Industrial PC with OS Windows XP, 19” LCD display, keyboard and mouse. Communication interface: USB and LAN
I/O Devices
Manual Tray (Standard equipped) One tray each time. Change tray manually.
Tape-out Device Heat sealing and pressure sealing modes. Tape width adjustable between 8 and 32mm.
Tape-In Device YAMAHA pneumatic feeder. Tape width between 8 and 32mm applicable.
Auto Tray Device Moves blank tray in and passed tray out the machine automatically, marking the tray (optional). Stack up to 15 JEDEC trays.
Tube-In Device Moves chips in the machine. Chip guider for different chip width (optional).
Tube-Out Device Moves chips out the machine. Chip guider for different chip width (optional).
Tape Ink-Marker An attachment to the tape-out device. Put a ink dot on the chip.
Auto Tray Ink-Marker An attachment to the auto tray device. Scan and put dots on the passed chips.
Laser-Marker An optional attachment to the tape-out or the auto tray device. Marks up to 4 characters on the passed chips.
Motion System
High precision servo drive system
Resolution: X axis: ±0.02mm;Y axis:±0.02mm;Z axis:±0.02mm; θaxis: ±0.1°
Stroke: X axis:1000mm;Y axis:500mm;Z axis:40mm
Pick & Place header accuracy:±0.07mm
Operable chip size: min: 2x2mm; max: 25x25mm
Maximum throughput:1200 UPH
Vision Systsem
Downward CCD camera for sockets / pick & place spots positioning. 512×512 pixels
Field of view:30mmX30mm
Vision accuracy: △x=△y=0.07 mm, △θ=0.1°
Hardware & Electrical Specifications
Devices Supported: EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA Configuration PROM, FLASH memory (NOR & NAND), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, Microcontroller, MCU, etc...
Power supply: AAC 200~240V/50~60Hz, single phase
Power consumption: 1.5KVA
Air: Clean, pressure 0.6MPa, consumption:30 liter/min
Main machine: 820(L)×640(W)×1550(H)
Auto tray: 1100(L)×380(W)×1300(H)
Tape-out: 1100(L)×380(W)×1300(H)
Main machine weight: 248 Kg
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