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Vonaq RapidTrace 700 LAN Tester/ Wiremap Tester / Cable Fault Locator

Compact, Powerful and Easy to use. This high performance low cost LAN Tester / Wiremap Tester and Cable Fault Locator is the perfect tool to enable you to test and certify structured cabling continuity to TIA568A/B, USOC and ISDN standards
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Produktnummer: RapidTrace 700

Vonaq’s RapidTrace 700
Is a high performance yet cost effective LAN & Wiremap Test tool that allows users to effciently test and certify structured cabling continuity to TIA568A/B, USOC and ISDN standards

Some of the key benefts and features of the RapidTrace 700 are:
The RapidTrace 700 Identifes all common faults on wiring schemes installed to TIA568A/B USOC and ISDN standards including:
open circuit wires shorted pairs
shorts between pairs crossed pairs
split pairs pair reversals
shield /screen continuity

Prior to checking an installed wiring network, the RapidTrace 700 will alert the
operator if any telephone services are active on the cable under test.

The RapidTrace 700 can also test for, and indicate any other active services
(10Mb/s, 100Mb/s, Token Ring, etc), in order to prevent accidental testing of a
live network.

The RapidTrace 700 will store up to 1000 test results which can be viewed or
be downloaded to a PC via the RapidTrace software provided.

Test results can then be customized with you corporate identity and certi-
cates produced displaying the customer's location/job, length, cable VP and
testing standard.

The RapidTrace 700 displays on screen wiring congurations showing the
length of all 4 pairs and length of pair to fault up to 150m (500ft).

In addition, a built in tone generator (oscillator) transmits a warble tone into
the cable enabling detection and tracing using a standard probe.

The RapidTrace 700 comes complete with one intelligent remote probe, with a
further 15 units available as optional accessories. Unlike far end units on
competitor products the RapidTrace 700’s remotes are intelligent and indicate
if the test has passed or failed

Length Measurement 0 - 150m or 500ft
Faults Indicated Short Circuit Pair, Open Circuit Wire, Short Between Pairs,
Split / Cross Pairs, Pair Reversals
Fault Display All Fault and setting info displayed graphically and textually,
Shield Continuity
Fault Location Near or Remote End or distance if midway
Wiring Schemes TIA568A/B, USOC & ISDN
Service Indication Telephone, 10BaseT, 100Mbit+, Token Ring
Voltage Warning Warns o TNV (Telecom Network Voltage
Tone Generator Oscillating 810 / 1110Hz