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Turbin flowmeter

Flow Technology provides turbine flow meters for a wide range of industries.

FT Series turbine flow meters utilize a proven flow measurement technology to provide exceptionally accurate and reliable digital outputs. Because of their versatility, these turbine flow meters are the solution for a wide variety of liquid and gas flow sensing applications. Turbine meters are an ideal solution when high accuracy, compact size, fast response, and high tolerance to shock and vibration are critical requirements. Turbine meter sizes range from 3/8 inch to 4 inches.

Key features

  • High accuracy
  • Fast response time
  • Very compact
  • Ideally for low viscosities <500 cSt
  • Liquid and gases
  • Custom-designed flow meters available


  • FT Series – Process as well as test & measurement applications
  • HS Series – High shock load applications
  • SA Series – Sanitary applications
  • FTO Series – Low flow applications