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Tempo Communications CableScout® TV220

TDR Cable Tester for CATV

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Nortelco Electronics AS ble Adeptor AS fra 1. januar 2022, men dine kontaktpersoner er de samme! Endringen gjelder områdene Elektronikk og Automasjon, og vi har fått ny webside:

For all your digital broadband coax testing needs… the best just got better!
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Produktnummer: TV220

The new and improved CableScout® TV220 from Greenlee Communications delivers all the enhanced features that CATV and Telco technicians and network administrators have been asking for in a TDR for CATV applications. The TV220 finds faults other cable testers can’t and it is so easy that anyone can use it.

Easier-to-use GUI interface requires little or no training
PC application is compatible with all the current operating systems
Improved clarity and trace functionality makes it even easier to identify faults on-screen and determine noise versus the fault
Even higher SNR and Resolution makes it easier to identify events that were previously difficult or impossible to find
Zero dead zone at the launch allows the user to see faults immediately
Improved trace update rate allows you to see changes to the fault faster (5 times/sec. versus 2 times/sec.)
USB interface for trace download
Lighter weight and longer charge life with the new lithium-ion battery
TestWizard one-button testing
Automatic Return Loss Measurementsm
Automatic Multiple Event Marking
High-Resolution, Short Pulse Width (1 ns)
Rugged enough to withstand a 2 meter drop