Telewave 44AP/44L1 Broadband RF Wattmeter

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Produktnummer: 44AP/L1

The Telewave Model 44A/AP RF Wattmeter is a compact, versatile inst rument used for direc t measurement of forward and reflected RF power in a coaxial transmission line under any load conditions. Wide band capability and dynamic range allows operation without elements, inserts, or bandswitching.

The 20 microamp taut-band meter movement is shock mounted in a rugged, diecast housing, making this instrument ideal for mobile radio installation in aircraft or vehicles, as well as base stations.

Model 44AP includes an RF sampling port, with an output 40 dB below the total transmission line level, for frequency measurement, signal injection, or spectral analysis.

This wideband instrument covers 20 to 1000 MHz with a power range of 1 to 500 watts. The meter movement can be turned off for protection when not in use. A leather carrying strap is provided for easy portability. The use of a taut-band meter movement allows operation in cold temperatures.

Requires no elements or "slugs"
No band switching
Measures 1 to 500 watts
5 power ranges
5 watt full scale range
Covers 20 - 1000 MHz
Measures forward and reflected power
-40 dB rf sampling port
Shock-mounted meter
Low temperature operation
Quick-change connectors
Light weight: 3 lbs