Tektronix WVR5250 SDI/HDMI MultiformatWaveform Rasterizer

Produktnummer: WVR5250

The WVR5250 Compact Video Waveform Rasterizer provides an ideal
solution for basic video and audio (with Option AUD) monitoring needs
in a convenient 1RU, half-rack, short-depth form factor, suitable for
space-constrained environments. This versatile instrument can accept
power from a 12 V DC source or a 100-240 V AC converter.

SDI input provides multiformat support for HD-SDI (SMPTE 292), SD-SDI
(ITU-R BT.601) and Dual Link (SMPTE 372) signal formats. The instrument
provides automatic format detection for 3G/HD/SD-SDI on each input.
Option 3G is required for support of Level A and Level B SMPTE 425/424
formats. The WVR5250 has HDMI inputs with HDCP support that can be
connected to encrypted (HDCP) consumer devices for monitoring the video
and audio signals.

Optional audio monitoring support for 16 channels of Embedded AES/EBU
Audio (Option AUD) provides a variety of audio level bar monitoring,
multichannel surround sound display1 and flexible Lissajous display. A
front-panel headphone port can be used for easy compliance verification of
digital audio without the need for an additional piece of equipment.

This instrument provides the reliability of the Tektronix waveform rasterizers
family in a compact, basic monitoring product. The WVR5250 offers
uncompromised monitoring quality with sharp CRT-like traces, patented
Gamut displays, picture thumbnail, display freeze, and an error log for
10,000 events for efficient content compliance verification.

Two Serial Digital Inputs (SDI) and two High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)
Tektronix-patented Diamond and Arrowhead Displays for Color Gamut Compliance Monitoring
New Tektronix-patented Spearhead Display and Luma Qualified Vector (LQV™) Display facilitate precise color adjustment for post production applications (Option PROD)
Stereoscopic 3D Video Displays for Camera Alignment and Production/Post-production Applications (Option S3D)
Comprehensive Data Monitoring helps to quickly resolve difficult content quality and reliability issues (Option DATA)
Simple 3G/HD/SD Color Bar and Pathological Signal Generator (Option GEN) for Troubleshooting Signal Paths and Equipment (Option 3G required for 3G-SDI test signal generation)
Variety of Monitoring Displays
Unmatched Display Versatility
Unmatched Usability