Tektronix WFM4000 SD-SDI Waveform Monitor

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The WFM4000 Compact Video Waveform Monitor provides an ideal solution for basic video and audio monitoring needs with an integrated LED backlit display in a convenient 3RU, half-rack, short-depth form factor, suitable for space-constrained environments. These versatile instruments provide options to accept power from a 12 V DC source, a battery, or a 100-240 V AC converter.

The WFM4000 comes standard with support for 16 channels of Embedded Audio and 1 input for 2 channels of Digital AES Audio.

The WDM4000 Supports SD-SDI (ITU-R BT.601) monitoring.

AC and DC Power Options
TandemVu® Display for Efficient Camera Adjustments
High-brightness Display allows for Indoor and Outdoor Usage