Tektronix VQNet™ Video Service Assurance Manager

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VQNet is a Tektronix Video Service Assurance Management System that supports all Tektronix Digital TV Monitor probe types. It is a software product which will run on a central computer (not Tektronix supplied) to monitor and report on the status of signals measured by distributed probes across a video distribution network. Up to 500 probes can be supported and placed at any location in the video distribution system. The user can manually direct any probe from the VQNet to analyze an IP video flow/session or tune to an RF frequency preset. Thumbnails can be displayed for multiple services from multiple probe locations and selected video services can be backhauled from the remote probes for visual verification by an operator.

Element Management System for Tektronix Digital TV Monitor probes to alert, locate and diagnose video network problems
Provides alarms, logs, trending and reporting of key performance metrics from a system of distributed probes
Identifies services impacted and enables engineers to drill down for rapid root-cause analysis of video service delivery issues