Tektronix Ultra-Wideband Spectral Analysis Essentials

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Analyze hundreds of packet, TFC, and data rate combinations without adjusting the UI. In addition, the automatic WiMedia modulation analysis configuration will analyze how complex wideband signals change frequency and amplitude with time using real-time spectrograms spanning 20 GHz.

Analysis and verification of Ultra-Wideband microwave, optical and electrical signals require more real-time bandwidth and capture time than is possible with spectrum analyzer-based solutions. Supporting acquisitions up to 200 Mpts at 50 GS/s on four simultaneous channels, the DSA/DPO70000 Series oscilloscopes provide an ideal platform for working with these signals. The DPO7000 supports acquisitions up to 100 Mpts at 40 GS/s on four simultaneous channels.

Eliminate Frustrating Searches. Isolate Specific Signals in the Presence of Other Traffic Using Pinpoint Triggers, Time Gating Cursors, and Pulse Finder within up to 200 Mpt Record Lengths
Capture and Visualize RF Waveforms, Digital Down Convert and Export Baseband Data for Further Analysis in Other Tools such as RSAVu and MATLAB*1
Visualize and Debug Waveforms Quickly with a Wide Array of Plots: Spectrograms, Power Spectral Density, Voltage-vs-Time
Analyze How Complex Wideband Signals Change Frequency and Amplitude with Time using Real-time Spectrograms Spanning 20 GHz
Measure How Signal Power is Distributed with Frequency using Power Spectral Density Plots to 20 GHz
Correlate Frequency and Time Domains with Cursors Linking Amplitude vs Time, Frequency vs Time and Power vs Frequency Displays
Analyze Analog Modulation Types and Radar Pulses Using Standard RSAVu
Analyze Digital Modulation Types with RSAVu Opt. 21 Advanced Measurement Suite
Document Configuration Information and Plot Images Using Integrated Report Generator