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Tektronix TRCP0300 Rogowski Current Probe

300 A, AC-Only Rogowski Current Probe

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The TRCP Series Rogowski current probes are equipped with a BNC connector and work with any instrument supporting the BNC interface. Rogowski probes allow you to easily connect to large connection points such as bus bars or connect to small IC legs on a MOSFET or IGBT.
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Produktnummer: TCRP0300

TRCP0300-TRCP0600 Current Probes
The TRCP0300 and TRCP0600 are designed for use on small form factor components. These AC-only Rogowski probes have a thin, flexible coil that can easily be wrapped around test points such as the leg of a transistor.

TRCP3000 Current Probe
The TRCP3000 has a larger coil that is capable of handling large overload currents without damage. This probe is easy to use and can be inserted into places that are hard to reach and can be wrapped around larger test points such as bus bars.

Frequency range 9 Hz to 30 MHz
Peak current 300 A
Minimum current 250 mA
Sensitivity 20 mV/A
External probe attenuation setting on scope 50X
Accuracy (typical) +/- 2% of reading
Coil diameter 1.7 mm
Termination 1 MΩ BNC