Tektronix TPS2PWR1 Application Module

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Produktnummer: TPS2PWR1

To improve the efficiency of industrial power designs, you must analyze power dissipation and characterize transitions at higher switching frequencies. Using TPS2PWR1’s unique switching-loss feature, you can measure switching-device power dissipation with the touch of a button. Coupled with the TPS2000B Series oscilloscopes’ unique Digital Real-Time (DRT) sampling technology, the TPS2PWR1 software package enables you to efficiently and accurately characterize industrial power systems by measuring power loss at the switching device.

Reduce your development and testing time by using TPS2PWR1’s harmonic testing capability to the 50th harmonic to test power supply designs to these standards from your bench, the power lab, or on-site.

In addition, TPS2PWR1 software enables you to set units and scale factor for Tektronix current and voltage probes to read the result in the right unit.

Improve Efficiency of Power Designs with Switching-loss Measurements including Turn-on, Turn-off, and Conduction Losses
Reduce Test Time with Harmonic Measurements to the 50th Harmonic
Eliminate Manual Calculations with Automated Power Analysis, Waveform Analysis, and Phase Analysis with True Power, Reactive Power, Power Factor, Crest Factor, Phase Relationships
Reduce Measurement Time with dv/dt and di/dt Cursors