Tektronix TLP058, Logic probe for 4, 5 & 6 Series MSO

Digital probe

NOK 18 620,- (eks. mva.)

8 channel general purpose logic probe for MSO4, MSO5 and MSO6 Series oscilloscopes. Includes accessory kit.
Produktnummer: TLP058

The TLP058 provides eight high performance digital inputs. Connect as many TLP058 probes as you like, enabling up to 32 channels on 4 channel scopes, 48 channels on 6 channels scopes and up to a maximum of 64 digital channels on 8 channels scopes.

No additional software needed to enable digital channels.

Input dynamic range, typical 30 Vpp for Fin ≤ 200 MHz, 10 Vpp for Fin > 200 MHz
Absolute maximum input voltage, typical ±42 V peak.
Minimum voltage swing, typical 400 mV peak-to-peak
Input impedance, typical 100 kΩ
Probe loading, typical 3 pF