Tektronix TLA7000-series Logic analyzer

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The TLA7012 Portable and TLA7016 Benchtop mainframes are modularmainframes that accept TLA logic analyzer and pattern generator modules.The TLA7012 and TLA7016 can be configured as either master orexpansion mainframes to provide solutions for large numbers of buses andhigh channel-count requirements.

The TLA7012 Portable Mainframe and TLA7016 Benchtop Mainframe alongwith the TLAPC1 Benchtop Controller are built on a Microsoft Windows XPProfessional PC platform that offers a familiar work environment for the TLAapplication software. They provide multiple display capability for extendeddesktop viewing, in addition to an internal DVD-RW, hard drive, and multipleUSB 2.0 ports for expansion. A replaceable hard drive is standard on bothmainframes, ideal for security or enabling individual team members to storepersonal setups and data. Trigger in/out connections provide an interface toother external instrumentation, such as DPO oscilloscopes, for correlatingmeasurement results.

68/102/136 Channel Logic Analyzers with up to 512 Mb Record Length
MagniVu™ Acquisition Technology provides up to 20 ps (50 GHz) Timing Resolution to Find and Measure Elusive Timing Problems Quickly
Up to 156 ps (6.4 GHz)/512 Mb Record Length Timing Analysis
Up to 1.4 GHz Clock with up to 3.0 Gb/s Data with a Data Valid Window of 180 ps for State Acquisition Analysis of High-performance Synchronous Buses
Glitch and Setup/Hold Triggering and Display Finds and Displays Elusive Hardware Problems
Transitional Storage Extends the Signal Analysis Capture Time for Signals that Transition Infrequently
Simultaneous State, High-speed Timing, and Analog Analysis through the Same Probe Pinpoints Elusive Faults
Compression Probing System with 0.5 pF Capacitive Loading Eliminates Need for Onboard Connectors, Minimizes Intrusion on Circuits, and is ideal for differential Signal Applications
Trace Problems from Symptom back to Root Cause in Real Time across Multiple Modules by Viewing Time-correlated Data in a Wide Variety of Display Formats
PCI Express Gen1 through Gen3 including Gen3 Protocol to Physical Layer Analysis for Link Widths from x1 through x16 with up to 8.0 GT/s Acquisition Rates and up to 16 GB Deep Memory (for x16 Link)
Comprehensive PCI Express Probing Solutions, including Midbus, Slot Interposer, and Solder-down Connectors
Modular Mainframes provide Flexibility and Expandability
Supports up to 6,528 Logic Analyzer Channels, 48 Independent Buses
Broad Processor and Bus Support