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Tektronix TDSJIT3 Advanced and TDSJIT3 Essentials

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Jitter and Timing Analysis Software
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Produktnummer: TDSJIT3 Advanced and TDSJIT3 Essentials

TDSJIT3 is the premiere jitter and timing analysis software package available for real-time oscilloscopes. Running externally or within the Tektronix DPO7000, DPO/DSA70000, TDS5000B, TDS6000B/C, and TDS/CSA7000B Series oscilloscopes, TDSJIT3 provides the highest accuracy and lowest noise jitter measurements available in any real-time instrument. With comprehensive jitter analysis algorithms TDSJIT3 simplifies discovering jitter and its related sources in today's high-speed digital, communication, and system designs.

Digital designers, analog designers, communication and systems engineers in the computer, semiconductor, and communications industries are facing new challenges as processor clock speeds race beyond 3 GHz and backplane electrical data rates greater than 6 Gb/s become commonplace. These increasing clock and data speeds mean reduced circuit tolerance, or margin, for noise and jitter. By using tools to rapidly characterize and discover sources of jitter, designs can be made more robust, brought to market faster, and ultimately operate better in today's ultra high-speed environment.

Use the Jitter Wizard to Easily Make Accurate Jitter Measurements
Analyze Random and Deterministic Jitter (Rj/Dj) and Estimate Total Jitter at BER
Analyze Deterministic and Total Jitter on Repeating or Arbitrary Random Data Patterns
Analyze Frequency-bounded Jitter and Timing Measurements using Timing Measurement Filters (First, Second, and Third-order High-pass and Low-pass Butterworth)
Acquire, Capture, Store, and Analyze Worst-case Offenders
View Simultaneous Results from Alternate Measurement Configurations Designated on a Single Channel or Source
Qualify Jitter Measurements Using Channel Inputs, Cursors or Timing Details, Population Size, and Amplitude Range
View and Analyze Jitter Spectrums, Histograms, and Trends with One Click
400 fs Typical Jitter Noise Floor with DSA72004
800 fsRMS Typical Jitter Accuracy with DSA72004
Utilize a Configurable Golden PLL (TDSJIT3 Advanced only)
Differential Crossover Voltage Measurements (TDSJIT3 Advanced only)