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Tektronix SerialXpress® Advanced Jitter Generation for AWG

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Produktnummer: SerialXpress

erialXpress combined with the AWG5000 or AWG7000 Series arbitrary waveform generator is the world's only one-box receiver test solution.

High speed serial data signals are becoming more and more complex. SerialXpress® together with the AWG simplifies the signal creation and jitter simulations to reduce overall development and test time. The software enables the creation of the EXACT waveforms required for thorough and repeatable design validation, margin/characterization and conformance testing. SerialXpress' easy to use graphical user interface allows for a combination of test signals and various impairments including Inter Symbol Interferences (ISI), Duty Cycle Distortion (DCD), Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC), Pre-emphasis and noise.

Flexibility: Jitter generation has become so flexible that the user now has the freedom to try various permutations and combinations of jitter parameters like Pj, Rj, ISI, Noise, Delay, etc.
Replicate scenarios: The signals are digitally synthesized. All AWG setups can be recalled and the scenarios can be replicated on any other AWG within seconds.
Analog nature of digital signals: In reality all digital signals are analog in nature and hence SerialXpress exploits the capabilities of an AWG to generate real-world signals.
Ease of use: It is easy to integrate a multitude of Sj tones into the waveforms at no additional cost. Band-limited Rj can be injected with ease.
Crest Factor Emulation (CFE): Users can now apply any amount of peak pseudo-random jitter needed to their bit patterns which can reduce test times. Test cases can be repeated accurately enabling fast receiver debug cycles. SerialXpress can also create worst-case scenarios to stress receivers by accurately controlling the Crest Factor of the random jitter.