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Tektronix Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA)

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Modern Serial Data Link Designs

Acceleration of signaling speeds creates a number of challenges for design and test. The designs are evolving to address these challenges with equalization techniques at the receiver; pre-emphasis or de-emphasis at the transmitter; with dedicated fixtures for capturing the signal at a test point; and with complex compliance-verification procedures.

Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA) has the Tools

The advanced techniques employed by the designs call for advanced measurement solutions. The challenge begins with the signal acquisition: capturing a signal through cables and fixtures distort the signal shape; SDLA provides you with a fixture de-embedding feature which allows you to remove the effects of the fixture from the measurement. Fixture de-embedding and thus improved accuracy of your measurement might make the difference between pass and fail of your test. Another challenge results from the transmitter signal shape. The signal no longer is a simple NRZ square-wave pattern. Designers alleviate high-frequency loss in the media with transmitter equalization features, that is, with pre-emphasis or de-emphasis of the transmitter waveform. Correspondingly, transmitter signals today need to be evaluated for this transmitter equalization; the SDLA software allows for complete transmitter equalization insertion or removal.

Analysis of High-speed Serial Data Links provides insight into eye closure
Feed Forward (FFE), Decision Feedback (DFE), and Continuous Time Linear Equalization (CTLE) of the signal opens the eye diagram enabling measurements from the view of the receiver comparator (Option SLA)
Simultaneously view time-aligned waveforms from the perspective of near end, far end, de-embedded, and equalized for insight of the complete link
Improved user interface for fast switching of the Jitter Analysis View in DPOJET, Waveform View, and Serial Data Link View
Clock recovery software with unmatched flexibility for accurate and repeatable measurement results
S-parameter-based De-embedding supports both fixture de-embed and channel de-embed for view of the signal back towards the transmitter
Parametric Channel Emulation: View the performance of the link with a number of emulated channels and only one transmitter signal acquisition
"What-If" Analysis using flexible insertion/removal of transmitter equalization parameters