Tektronix RFX100 RFXpress® Advanced RF/IF/IQ Waveform Creation and Editing Software

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Produktnummer: RFXpress

RF signals are becoming more and more complex, making it more difficult to accurately create the signals required for conformance and margin testing. To address these challenges, RFXpress delivers advanced capabilities to synthesize digitally modulated baseband, IF and RF/microwave signals supporting a wide range of modulation schemes. RFXpress simplifies waveform creation.

Quickly and Simply Create Digitally Modulated IQ, IF, and RF Waveforms
Great Flexibility to Customize Waveform to Meet Specific Requirements
Define Baseband IQ, IF, and RF Signals using a Variety of Modulation Schemes
Create Single and Multicarrier Signals where Each Carrier is Independently Defined
Define and Create Hopping Patterns
Apply Impairments such as Quadrature Error and Imbalance or Nonlinear Impairments
Add Sinusoidal Interferences, Noise (SNR), and Multipaths during Waveform Creation
Capture and Replay Waveforms from Oscilloscopes, Real-time Spectrum Analyzers, and MATLAB®*1 files as IQ or IF/RF
Add Impairments or Interference and then Replay Captured Waveforms
Support for Characterizing a DUT and S-parameter Emulation of RF Components
Apply Calibration for Flat Frequency and Linear Phase Response out of AWG
Support for Programmatic Interface in General-purpose and Radar Plug-ins enables Easy Integration of RFXpress into Test Automation Systems