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Tektronix Protocol Trigger and Decode Application

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Option PTH • Option PTU • Option STU
Produktnummer: Option PTH, PTU, STU

Trigger and Translate Serial Data Waveforms into Character and Protocol Views

Options PTH/PTU/STU provide trigger and decoding features for greater insight when analyzing 8b/10b encoded serial data streams. It enables users to simultaneously view waveform, character, and low-level protocol activity, simplifying validation of link-level communications and isolation of data-dependent faults.

Physical-layer Validation

Engineers implementing serial data interfaces are initially faced with debugging and validating designs for compliance with physical-layer specifications. At this stage, signal integrity and timing stability are key issues. Much of this validation and debug is done using repeating test patterns in conjunction with analysis tools such as DPOJET Jitter and Eye Analysis Software.

- DSA70000B models and DPO70000B Option PTH models only.

- Max supported rates for Option PTU/STU is 5.0 Gb/s and for Option PTH is 3.125 Gb/s.

Translate Serial Data Waveforms into Character and Protocol Views for Greater Insight
Correlate Protocol-level Events and Physical-layer Signals for More Effective Troubleshooting
View Decoded 8b/10b Serial Data for Easier Validation of Link-level Signaling
Analyze Serial Data from Standards Including PCI-Express, SATA, Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, XAUI, SAS, and SRIO
Symbol Decoding for Lane Rates up to 10 Gb/s Covers a Broad Range of Implementations
Trigger on 8b/10b Symbols and Primitives in Real Time for Fast Isolation of Low-level Faults*1
Specify Trigger Conditions using Primitives or 8b/10b Characters*1
Trigger on Running Disparity Errors and Character Errors in Real Time*1
Real-time Triggering for Lane Rates up to 5.0 Gb/s*2