Tektronix PWS4305, 30V/5A DC Power Supply

NOK 12 550,- (eks. mva.)

PWS4000 series, Choose Your Voltage and Current – Quickly, Precisely
Produktnummer: PWS4305
Linear regulation - Deliver clean power - with less than 5 mVp-p ripple and noise - to your device.
Better than 0.03% basic voltage accuracy - Be confident in your power supply’s output value with 0.03% voltage and 0.05% current basic accuracy.
Up to 72 V output voltage - Generate the power you need for a wide variety of applications with a single power supply.
Overvoltage protection (OVP)and maximum voltage setting - Protect your device under test from accidental damage with integrated OVP circuit and microprocessor-controlled maximum voltage setting.
Remote sense inputs - Deliver accurate voltage to your device under test by eliminating the effect of voltage drop in your lead wires.
List mode - Define up to 7 custom test sequences, each with up to 80 voltage and current steps, with the built-in list mode.
40 setup memories - Simplify complex tests by saving your setup to an internal setup memory. Next time you need to run the test, simply recall that setting.
Numeric keypad - Quickly set precise voltage and current values with the direct-entry keypad.
Bright display - See your power supply’s meter readings and limits with a single glance; a bright display provides excellent readability.
User-definable password - Prevent unwanted adjustments during critical tests by locking the front panel of your power supply.
PC Connectivity - Easily connect to a personal computer using the USB device port; Use your preferred programming environment or included NI LabVIEW SignalExpress software to control your power supply remotely.