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Tektronix PED Series Error Detectors

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High speed multi-channel error detection for BER measurement up to 40 Gb/s.
Produktnummer: BSA175CPG

PatternPro® PED3000 and PED4000 Programmable Error Detector

The Tektronix PED line of high-performance error detectors offer single and two-channel standalone configurations capable of BER measurement and analysis at data rates up to 40 Gb/s for NRZ and multi-level signals. The PED products support either PRBS or user-defined data patterns, with simple to use automatic or manual alignment of input clock and data, and pattern synchronization. The PED product makes an ideal companion for the Tektronix PatternPro® PPG pattern generator product family.


Features Benefits
Full rate 40 Gb/s error detection capability Evaluating all bits for BER measurement increases confidence in the results over half rate or quarter rate error detection.
Excellent sensitivity High sensitivity allows BER testing on low level signals with small eye openings.
Multi channel test capability Simplifies test configuration for multi-channel applications such as 100GbE and DP-QPSK.