Tektronix P7506 Differential Probe

NOK 97 820,- (eks. mva.)

Produktnummer: P7506

Tektronix is a known leader when it comes to signal fidelity and signal acquisition. Building on our history of market-leading innovations in probing, we invented a revolutionary probing architecture called “TriMode™ Probing” that defines the next-generation industry benchmark for usability and signal fidelity. This architecture changes the rules of probing and allows you to work more effectively and efficiently. By enabling unique functionality, the P7500 Series TriMode probes allow you to switch between differential, single ended, and common mode measurements without moving the probe from its connection points.


6 GHz bandwidth on the P7506
Excellent step response
Low-DUT loading
Differential, single ended, or common mode measurements using one probe