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Tektronix P6960HCD-LV Logic Analyzer Probe

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P6900 Series for DDR Memory Applications
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Produktnummer: P6960HCD-LV

Verification and debug of today's high speed, low voltage DDR Memory interface signals requires probing solutions that can accurately acquire from a wide variety of form factors and provide excellent signal fidelity. Tektronix logic analyzer probes contain a variety of connectivity options that are engineered to ensure that signal acquisition is a true reflection of your design's performance.

Key features
<0.7 pF total capacitive loading minimizes intrusion on circuits
20 kΩ input resistance
6.5 Vp-p dynamic range supports a broad range of logic families
General-purpose probing allows flexible attachment to industry- standard connections
Connectorless probing system eliminates need for onboard connectors
DDR3/DDR4 Debug and Verification
LPDDR Debug and Validation
Embedded Systems integration, debug, and verification